Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 Favourite: My Monsters!

Well here is a Wacky Wednesday pick of favourites - yes, I said favouriteS again, I really am not good at sticking to the rules!
When I saw this paper by Sassafrass last fall I just HAD to have it. No idea what I was going to do with it, it was just the paper hoarder in me coming out, but I justified the purchase by noting that I DID have two little monsters at home, surely I would use the paper . . . someday! It took a year but I finally found a use for it (only some of it, have to save SOME ya know!).
This one is a different one for me, very busy, but fitting to the "busy" look of the photographed monsters! Better stuck on them then all over my house I suppose!

*** Photo removed for magazine submission ***

Now this one the pictures are not the greatest but I HAD to take them right when he was saying the phrase cuz I immediately knew it was a scrap-worthy moment! My then 2year old son was given a "for the road" snack by his Aunt of strawberries and grapes and when he tried to say strawberries and grapes it sounded like:

Happy Scrappin' :-)

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