Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8 Favourites - Happy Birthday Cuz!

Today is my cousin, Julia's 13th Birthday, she is finally a teenager! Exciting to her - frightening to the rest of us who then realize just how old we are now!
Although my daughter and Julia are second cousin's, because of the age gap between myself and Julia, they are growing up more like first cousin's and my daughter just adores Julia :-) And the three of us share the same middle name too! So in honour of the best girl cousin ever - I can say that cuz she is the only girl cousin! - here are two layouts of Miss Julia:

Isn't she beautiful?! Happy Birthday, Julia! And Happy Birthday to my Uncle Gord too, who is such at good sport at being overshadowed by the younger generation - even if he is still young at heart!

Happy Scrapping!

Andie :-)

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