Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Born to Believe, Baby!

Whoo hoo!!! Exactly 17 years to the day, again in game 5 and in double overtime, Canucks are headed to the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!! This city is a buzzin' tonight, I even woke up my sleepin' kids with my excited cheering! So to celebrate a little more quietly, but still just as exhuberantly, here are some of my favourite photos of my kidlets, who were truly born to believe!

My baby girl in her first Canucks hat (actually she has on Canucks shoes and shirt too, you just can't see it!), only 5 days old :-)

and last but not least, my baby boy in his first Canucks hat, only two days old :-)

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Betty Anne said...

I love the photo's of your little ones in their Canucks outfits. The games have been pretty exciting and I'll be glued to the set tomorrow night in hopes of seeing them take the cup. GO CANUCKS