Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just a Pop of Blue, and My Favourite Photo

Waaaaaaayyy back in 1997, at the age of 19, I moved out on my own. Now I didn't do this by going to college close to home, or finding an apartment close to home with some friends . . . nope, I left Toronto and headed to Vancouver! Now, I am extremely fortunate to have all my extended family here and they help immensely when the homesickness set in. What helped the most though, was my weekly Wednesday date with my little cousin, Derek. Only 2 at the time, he and I would spend the day hangin' out, usually at the park or the creek throwing rocks :-) One of these Wednesdays I brought my camera, loaded with b&w film (y'all remember back when there was film you had to load into your camera? and we only had 24 pictures to take at a time?! AND b&w had to be mailed away for developing?!!), and I snapped pics of Derek all day long. Well one of my all time favourite photos to this day came out of this photo session. Just walking down an alley on our way to get ice cream (yes, I was his favouritest big cousin!), I asked him to turn around and smile . . . and he gave me the goofiest grin ever! Love it! Well, over at Let's Scrap ( Ana Peralta posted a National Scrapbooking Day Challenge (#6) where she asked you to use only B&W paper and photos, and add just a touch of one colour. I was nervous using my favourite photo, esp. since I do not have the negative, AND, yes really, I did not scan it before hand! BUT this is what I came up with and I am really happy with it :-)

And since I had a "few" more b&w shots of this cutie pie, I turned it into a double page layout:

I had alot of fun with this challenge, and the walk down memory lane (my "little" cousin is now 15!) - so thank you, Ana for the wonderful challenge! And if you are looking for some great challenges and inspiration, head on over to Let's Scrap and check it out . . . even better, sign up, we are soooooo close to 3000 members!

Happy Scrappin'!
Andie :-)


Carla said...

Your layout took my breath away!! GORGEOUS!!! You did justice to the photo!

Andie said...

Thanks so much, Carla! Was a good way to use up some CTMH scraps too :-)

Jenn Joncas said...

Your layout is absolutely gorgeous!! I love everything about it!! The perfect way to display your favorite pic (: