Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yay, it has finally snowed here enough for some winter wonderland fun! I finally got to take my kids sledding, they have never been before and I haven't gone in eons. So just before dusk this past Saturday when the roads were clear enough for some driving, we headed on out.

Jessica loved the downhill adrenaline rush but wasn't so fond of the snow spray and flash of cold at the end, but was "brave" enough to smile thru the "pain" for this shot - atta girl!

Tyler was soooo excited to finally use HIS sled (four year old ownership is a BIG deal!), and was more than willing to pull the sled back up the hill each and every time, what a trooper!

All in all I'd say Mom, Dad, and kids all had a great time and will be happy to "hit the slopes" again soon!

Andie :-)

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