Thursday, May 3, 2012

Homework Procrastination . . .

Isn't he adorable?!  That is my son when he was a baby and I'm melting just looking at this photos again!  Hard to believe he'll be 5 this year, time really does fly when it comes to babies - makes me think of that country song "You're Gonna Miss This" - well now there's an idea for a title!

Anyhow, let's move from the topic of babies for a minute here, as I can hear my clock tickin' loudly!  As I mentioned in my last post, I have registered for a 20 page layout class called "Scrap Your Stash" this Saturday - National Scrapbooking Day!  and I've been slowly but surely putting together my 20 kits.  In order to do this effectively though, I figured I just HAD to finish the layouts from the last class that I had only partially done . . . hence the procrastination!

But despite the procrastination, I have finished all but one of the layouts from the previous class and can share some of them here with you!  And I have 12 out of 21 kits prepped and ready to go for Saturday!  Had to make a quick run to the photo dept. to print some more photos and I'll have the rest of the kits done up tonight :-)

Ok, some explaination here first, then onto the layouts.  Jennifer's 20 page layout workshop is typically only single page layouts, and, well, I'm a double girl.  Soooo, part of why it takes me so long to finish them is cuz I turn almost all of them into doubles.  I am so super excited for the workshop this weekend though, cuz Jennifer has changed 5 of the layouts into doubles!!  Atta girl :-)

Here are a few of the layouts I converted to doubles: 

There's that adorable little man of mine again :-)  He was less than a month old here and wrapped snuggle in our favourite blanket, made by a super talented friend of mine.
This is also one of the first double layouts I've done using two different pattern papers as base pages.  I've seen it in the magazines and liked the look, was just too scared to try it myself.  Went pretty subtle in the differnet patterns here, but the next one is more of a contrast and I really like the effect!  Will be trying this out more often now :-)

LOVED this Basic Grey Hopscotch line!  Bought a ton of it (and maybe regretting that a touch now!), but it goes so well with pics of my DD, Jessica.  Love the Bloomers by BG too!

Another little trick I tried out with my title - using # stickers in place of letter stickers.  I used an upside down 7 as an "L" and a backwards 3 as an "E".  Gives the title some character too me
thinks :-)

Already, well now I must end my procrastination and get my last 9 kits prepped so I can pack up for Saturday.  Really looking forward to spending the whole day scrapping with great scrappy pals!!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!!
Andie :-)

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