Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MIA No More: Back With A Vengeance!

Ok, so I took a BIT of a holiday from posting . . . and scrapbooking for that matter.  Lots of stuff at home was a happenin' and my focus was on that.  Maybe I'll share that info on another post, but for now I'm kinda keepin' it to myself - but it's great news!

It is also great to be scrapping again, and I've been holed up in my craft room every minute I can spare it seems.  I have registered for another one of Jennifer Edwardson's "Scrap Your Stash" 20 page layout workshops this coming weekend (this will be my 3rd time taking this class, I LOVE it!), and in my mad, procrastinating dash to put together my 20 kits, I've been finishing up some other WIP's (work-in-progress).  Yestarday and today I finished my family's camping trip from last summer  AND checked off 4 more Let's Scrap sketches too boot!

This is a layout that I used two 6"x12" Memory Protector Flip Flaps from Close To My Heart.  The flip flaps allowed me to get an additional 12 photos onto this layout!
Here is how the layout started:

Then I added a 6"x12" Flip Flap to the right hand side layout . . .

And then a 6"x12" Flip Flap horizontally placed in the middle of the left hand side layout . . .

And when both Flip Flaps are opened up - Viola!  You have 12 more photo spots (or 11 and one journalling for me!).  I love these Flip Flaps - and they come in 3 more sizes too! 

So you can see I had a productive couple of days . . . but now I STILL have to do my "Scrap Your Stash" homework and put together 20 kits!  Yikes!  Shouldn't be a problem . . . unless I get "inspired" again . . .

Happy Scrappin'!
Andie :-)

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Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, these creations are just stunning. What a great way to creatively preserve these wonderful memories.