Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So Much To Celebrate!

I just love the month of May!  And no, not just because it's my birthday . . . sshh!  don't tell!  Although celebrating my b-day the same month of National Scrapbooking Month is certainly not a bad thing :-)  Add to that the May long weekend and the sun starting to shine just a little bit more each day, well, it just does not get any better.
This May long weekend was especially great (and no, not just because it was my birthday!), because I took my kids camping with three other girlfriends and their kids.  Four Mom's and eight kids - what a riot it was!

Now this next bit of celebration actually happened in March, but I just hadn't gotten around to bragging about it yet . . .
Each year our local Photo and Scrapbooking store, Photo Express, does a Cutest Baby Contest, where for only $10 you can bring your 0-4 year old in for a photo session, pick one photo to be entered into the contest, and have a chance at winning some great prizes and/or having your baby named "Cutest Baby".  Well last year they began the "Cutest Kid" contest as well, for kids aged 5-10, and so my daughter was able to partake in the contest again.  Some of you may remember me vying for Facebook votes on her photo last year actaully, as she won in the "Facebook Fan Favourite" contest last year :-)
ANYHOW . . . this year we received a phone call that she had placed in the contest and to come to the award ceremony to recieve her prize.  Well to our surprise and swelling pride she recieved the award for "Cutest Kid" for the girl category!!    She was thrilled of course, and smiled big for
days :-)  
Here is her winning photo, and the group photo of all the winning kids at the awards ceremony:

And just to brag a little bit more about my beautiful Princess . . . shortly after the photo contest, we brought up maybe cutting her hair for the summer.  See my hair takes FOREVER to grow and if she takes after me, then by cutting it now we a)find out if she likes short hair vs. long hair, and b)give her time to grow it all back before high school if she wants!  While discussing it, we mentioned Locks of Love to her and (I'm holding back tears here) that was the selling point for her.  My best friend has just recently been diagnosed with her second form of cancer - non life threatening this time thank goodness - and she had lost all her hair while battleing the first time.  My beautiful little girl said she wanted to have her hair cut and donated in honour of this friend, and my heart just swelled with pride (and my eyes with tears of course!). 
We headed to the salon and learned that Locks of Love is an American company, but that in Canada, and thru that salon, she could donate to Wigs for Kids - even better :-)
Here is my Princess, before, during and after:

Her new short do is super cute and she loves it!!  Mom just loves that there is no more tangles!!

 And now I cannot forget some scrapbook action for National Scrapbooking Month!  Although May is proving to be a fairly busy month, I've been popping over to Let's Scrap as often as I can to check out their month long festivities :-)  I know I won't get much done, but so far I have managed to get the first challenge done, based off this sketch:

The title was an idea I "stole" from the August 2010 edition of Scrapbooks Etc., from a layout by Lisa Storms.  I tore the page out as soon as I saw it and knew these pictures would be perfect for it . . . it just took me almost two years to get it done! 

So there you have some bits n' pieces of my life at the moment.  Now I have to sign off cuz my "darling" kids are going crazy . . . must be feeding time!

Happy Scrappin'!
Andie :-)

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