Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to Let's Scrap!

Ahhhh!  So I just finished doing a nice long post here and then tried to delete a photo that didn't work and I ended up deleting the whole flippin' post!!  So once again, being that I'm sitting in a freezing cold basement and my fingers are going numb, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet!!

I had been away from Let's Scrap for awhile but receently returned to this amazing site.  I just love the wonderfully talented peeps over there and those sketches always get my creative juices going :-)  Here are last weeks and this weeks sketches and my takes on them:

This past week's sketch is a card sketch but I decided to do a single page layout.

Aaaaaaannnnd of course now my computer isn't letting me enlarge the next few photos!  Argh!  Wish sometimes I understood computers better - just holding out hope that the laptop I'm getting soon will be more user friendly for me . . .

And one more sketch and layout for good measure, cuz although I can't enlarge them, my uploader was actually working for me tonight so I went with it!!

With that, I am headed upstairs to snuggle up with my hubby and a warm blanket!!
Happy Scrappin'!
Andie :-)


Lisa Fowler Windsor, CO said...

Love your layouts! I've been a member of Let's Scrap for awhile and love the inspiration there. Especially love the Let's Scrap Our Stash group.

Andrea Green said...

Thanks, Lisa :-) I have not checked out that group at LS yet, will have to do that!