Friday, January 25, 2013

You Melt my Heart

Well I am still playing around with my new laptop trying to figure out what has suddenly changed for me with uploading photos to this blog and also to Facebook.  I think I figured out the Facebook issues, though in my opinion not really cuz although I got my photos uploaded I had way more steps to take to get them there than before - so we'll call it a minor victory for now. 
As for posting here, well I am still struggling.  Some photos will post via Photobucket copy and paste, others won't.  Fussy, fussy.  So not able to get the photos I originally wanted to post for you this evening, but got some that are at least in the same spirit!
Both yestarday and today I took my kiddos sledding across the street at the park.  Not huge hills, but just big enough to entertain my 5 and 8 year old for a few hours :-)  The weather here was just absolutely beautiful - and is supposed to continue so for the weekend, yay! - and the kids had no school today, so sledding was a great way to spend the day for sure.  I think I took close to 200 photos so I'll have some weeding to do!
Last year was the first time my kids ever went sledding.  Being from Vancouver we never really got much snow, and if we did it did not stay long, so sledding opportunities were few and far between and didn't always come at convenient times.  However, we got some good snow there last winter (not like here in Edmonton, but good for the lower mainland for sure!) and the kids got to go sledding a couple of times.  The layout below was after one of these days and they were warming up with some hot chocolate.
I used paper and embellishments mostly from Bo Bunny, and loved that beautiful glittery paper! Didn't want to use too many photos cuz had to show off the paper and those big, glittery snowflakes!
The colouring in this close up shot is a little off cuz I photographed it on my lino floor with poor lighting, but I had fun mix n' matching some of my Thickers stash for the title.
This layout doesn't have anything to do with the kids sledding adventures, but thought I'd share it as well.  My son got this Boston hoodie from his Great Grandparents and for some reason ALWAYS had to wear the hood up - like all the time!  Now no matter what hoodie he wears, he has the hood up - my future little hoodlum!!  I took these photos when his sister was trying to mimic him by putting on a sweater with a hood too.  Then of course, being raised with a camera in their face 24/7, they hammed it up!  I'll take it though, as I know all too soon they may not let me take their picture together.
Well I hope you are all keeping warm and cozy, and enjoy the weekend!  Family trip to the Ice Festival tomorrow and the West Edmonton Mall Water Park on Sunday, should prove to be a fun filled weekend for me - better charge my camera batteries!
Happy Scrappin'!
Andie :-)


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