Friday, February 15, 2013

Studio J $5 Sale!

For the month of February Close To My Heart has their Studio J digital layouts on for only $5 a layout!!  That is a savings of $1.95 per layout!

Normally I order the 5-pack bundle at $47.95 (CAD) including shipping and taxes, but this last bunch of 5 layouts I did were only $40.90 - over $7 in savings!  You can order up to 50 double page layouts for the same shipping price, so you see the more you order the more you save :-)

Here are the last 5 layouts I ordered:

I already have about 8 more layouts ready in my Studio J account and I hope to have even more to purchase before the end of the month.  Studio J is such a great way to keep up with my scrapbooking.  Digital scrapbooking will never replace my love for traditional scrapbooking, but I've come to find that they mix well together and speed up the completion of my albums.  Creativity still roams free with Studio J, the more you play and learn, the more unique you can make your pages, just as in traditional scrapbooking :-)

Want to get started?  Just log onto my website and click on Studio J.  Follow the simple prompts to set up your FREE account and start creating layouts!  You can make as many layouts as your heart desires, play as much as you like to figure out all the ins and outs, and you will only pay for what you choose to check out!

Keep in mind I am here to help as well - an in person, on the phone or online tutorial is available just let me know!

Happy Scrappin'!

Andie :-)

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