Friday, March 1, 2013

Pimpin' and Primpin'!

I love Pinterest!!  So many amazingly creative, beautiful, educational, and just plain cool things to be found on this time-sucking, mind-blowing site ;-)  Yes, I would love for you to follow me!  I do not have that little icon thingy yet BUT this is my lead in to Pimpin' and Primpin'!  I've been pinning blogging and social media pins for awhile now, but hadn't actually sat down to read any of them yet . . . until last night.  I found Kira's blog  where she gives fabulous tutorials on pimpin' and primpin' your social media sites and I got started doing just that :-)  Now I still have much to learn, and bugs to fix (got some cute tags on my facebook pages for Instagram and Blog but no links connected to it yet!), but I am getting there one step at a time.  I am not too technically savvy, as those of you who visit regularly can attest too (upside down photos anyone?!), so I get a little frustrated self-teaching sometimes, but in the end it will all be worth it and I hope to be that much closer to establishing a successful social media presence!

Would love for you to visit my Paper Candie Designs Facebook page and "Like" me - and watch for some more "Primpin'" to come!  This is where I post all my pre-done papercrafts for sale, since I have no website just yet and still learning about Etsy :-)  Crazy how much there is to learn out there!

Now, I should probably log off my laptop for a bit today - maybe feed my kids!  But no visit to my scrap happy place can be complete without at least a taste of scrap happy art:

A mix of Bella Blvd., Sassafrass, and My Little Bit Of Whimsy for that oh so cutesy look to match those oh so cutesy faces in the photos :-)

Thanks for dropping by today!  Would love to hear any comments you may have - especially pertaining to what you look for in a blog you visit :-)

Happy Scrappin'!
Andie :-)

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