Monday, March 11, 2013

Proud Mom Moments!

For the last five years I have been a proud, supportive mom to a beautiful dancing diva and love it!  My DD started dancing at the age of four and she took to it instantly.  I was glad that she so easily found something that she loved  - and does well at - but what a different world for me!  It amazes me that this Pink Princess came from me, as I have always been a tomboy, enjoying sports much more than shopping sprees, and the comfort of my yoga pants, t-shirts and ponytails to dresses, sparkles and glitter (unless it's on a scrapbook page of course!).  Yet nothing makes me prouder than seeing my baby girl dance across the stage in her sparkly costumes, smiling big!
This year she is taking Jazz and, for the first time, Tap, and it will be her first time in competition.  I cannot wait to see her first competition dances!  Rehearsals are this week and so last week we got the costumes - talk about the perfect fit for my PINK girl!!

Tap Costume - the photo turned out pretty blue toned, but the costume is all pink with pink sequins and feathers with a touch of silver:

These will sure make great dress up costumes after dance is over :-)

Now, I must add, DD is also very athletic.  She does not LIKE doing sports, but when she does, she does well.  One sport I think she just may have fallen in love with last week though is skiiing.  Her class went on a ski trip last week and she got to learn to ski for the first time ever!  She did great!!

Had to share this one too, just too cute!  Enjoying some hot chocolate after a run :-)

This year also marked my DS's first time in hockey, and his season just wrapped up this past weekend.  As a beginner they focused on skating and skills mostly, only playing short mock games during practise, but this past weekend he got to play two "official" games (half ice) in his first tournament.  Not sure who was more excited and proud - DS, Daddy, or Mommy!!
At the start of the season, DS had never even put on skates before and spent most of his first few practices crawling on the ice (this was actually pretty darn cute!).

Here he is getting fitted for his gear at the beginning of the season:

And the incredibly cute crawling stage:

And despite spending the first three practices mostly crawling, he never gave up and just check out the smile he had after his very first practice:

So very proud of him!!!  He learnt so much these past few months and it is obvious that hockey is going to be his thing.  Here are a few shots from his tournament this past weekend:

DS is #19:

This one I just thought was a cool shot, just screams game day :-)

 After the tournament getting his medal and t-shirt:

In the dressing room after the games with his hockey buddy:

Well now that is the end of my Mommy bragging session for today!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my cuties :-)


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