Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Insta Love!

So my scrappy Mojo has taken a bit of a walk it appears :-/ but on Father's Day I had some iPhone photo fun!!  Thought I'd share - mainly because it's so rare to get a good pic of me with the kids and I really love these ones!  Hope my scrappy Mojo comes back to scrap them!

On the day before Father's Day we headed to West Edmonton Mall for some family fun.  We first hit the arcade - which wasn't the initial plan but when we saw this giant Connect 4 game we just HAD to stop!!  Lots o' fun!  Kids played one game and got a ton of tickets, then Mom and Dad went head to head on an intense game of Air Hockey - where Mom lost by one point - Nuts!!

Then on Father's Day we took Daddy to The Keg  for dinner :-)  Was super yummy! Tyler actually strayed from his standard Chicken fingers and fries and got the mini burgers, and my true Alberta girl got her steak!  This girl has been able to polish off an 8oz steak since she was 2.5 years old, it always amazes the servers!
Dad got to enjoy his steak that if Mom had cooked it would have been burnt!  Hey, he's the chef, not me!!  And I got to gross out the kids by eating Escargot :-)  Yum!!

Lastly, the gift!  Now my hubby has got to be one of the hardest people to buy for!  I always do my best, but usually end up just "settling" on something just so I have a gift to give him then give him the receipt to get what he wants!  But this year I finally felt proud of the gift we picked out for him - and I kept it in budget too!!  (New golf clubs were NOT in the budget, honey, sorry!).  The kids and I picked out a bunch of BBQ items such as a smoker with Mesquite wood chips, skewers, Budweiser BBQ sauce, Kickin' Chicken spice, and burger baskets for eating on the patio.  Can't wait for Chef Daddy to fire up the BBQ this summer and spoil the rest of us with HIS gift ;-)  tee hee!!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Be back tomorrow with a new Let's Scrap card sketch and my Baby Boy card from this sketch!

Happy Scrappin'!


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