Monday, July 22, 2013

Fireworks, Parks, Friends, Camping, Family, Photos, and CTMH CRICUT!!!

LOVE summertime, but goodness it gets busy fast!!  NOT that I'm complaining though, we've had great family time, visitors, and camping trips so far and the summer is still at it's beginning!!!

For Canada Day we went downtown to the Legislature Grounds to watch the Fireworks -BUT had to go for a swim in the fountain first!!  Fully clothed of course!!  Good thing the fireworks don't last too long, cuz the kids were just a bit cold from being soaking wet!

Then we had some friends visit from Vancouver and we checked out a local park we had not been to yet - Jackie Parker Park - WHOA!!!  What a cool park!!!  HUGE and so much for the kids to do, we already have plans to go back again and again!

Last year we bought the kids some rollerblades but they didn't get much chance to use them and learn, but after a winter of hockey and ice skating they were naturals on their blades come summer!  As a family we decided to rollerblade thru the River Valley a couple weekends ago and what fun that was!  I had not been on my rollerblades in eons but I survived the whole two hours (barely!) and took a ton of photos of the beautiful River Valley.  Can't wait to go again!!

Lastly, our latest camping trip we just got back from - we went to Old Mac Donald Camp Ground, a place that definitely caters to families in a big way!  Animals to pet, train rides, go karts, arcade, mini golf, playgrounds, beach, crafts - so much to choose from, and most of it is free or minimally priced.  It was an interesting mix of modern and blast from the past scenery/atmosphere - I kept looking for watermelon's to carry or Patrick Swayze to come and offer me dance lessons! 

Kids favourite part was definitely their beach day and go karting with Dad!

Back at the campsite a favourite was playing UNO . . . with Fuzzy and Wuzzy, the two caterpillar's the kids caught (AND took home with them!) . . . hint, look at the deck of cards in the middle!

One of MY favourite parts of our trip was the gorgeous prairie  scenery and sky - my Iphone got a workout for sure!  My Instagram account will be flooded soon!

Now home to do laundry, clean and prep for our next trip - heading home to Vancouver to see family and friends!!  Maybe even get some scrapping done before we go!

Speaking of scrapping, I posted some more sneak peek's on my CTMH Facebook page - another Cricut cartridge!!!!  Check it out HERE!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!


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