Tuesday, July 2, 2013

School's Out, Time for Camping and Scrapbooking with Dream Pop!!

Oh, tsk! tsk! to me!!  I did not realize it had been so long since I posted!  Well let me get caught up here, on this hottest day of the year, sitting here in the dark, all my windows and doors open and fans blowing just trying to stay as cool as possible!  Oh, and did I mention there is a big ol' storm brewing too?!  Got to love prairie weather, some impressive storms here for sure!

Well, the kids finished up school last week and come fall I am going to have a Grade 4 and a Grade 1 kid!!  They both did AMAZING on their report cards and made this Momma super proud :-)  Now to enjoy this summer cuz with both kids being in school full time come September, this Momma bear needs to go back to work!!  This thought truly freaks me out!  I haven't worked in 9 years and I LOVE being home with my kiddos, but it is time for a change for sure :-)  Will start looking for work in August probably, wish me luck!!

Speaking of enjoying Summer, last week we did just that and went on our first family camping trip with our brand new tent!!

Of course NO camping trip would be complete without S'mores . . . so we had them every night!!  Yummy!!  Mommy ran the S'mores station, setting up the graham crackers and chocolate while the kids roasted the marshmallows, seeing who could get the bestest golden one :-)

This next photo has to be my favourite of the whole trip though - my view from  my camp chair after the kids were in bed.  Hubby and I had a drink (or two!) sitting in front of the fire with puppy resting at our feet.  Good quality time together :-) 
Oh, and can you see my nice flip flop tan line?!!

Sydney LOVES to camp!  Even at 13 years old now, she still loves it - but check out her nice set up, no wonder she loves it!

She loves it so much she didn't want to leave and staged a protest by laying right in the middle of the tent when we were trying to pack it up!!!  Love my camping dog!!  She even looks sad here too!

Ok, so how about some Let's Scrap sketches and layouts now??!!

I made this card to send to my sister and brother-in-law to congratulate them on the birth of their first baby!! A baby boy, Coleton!!!  He is a sweetie and we can't wait to meet him this summer!!  This Echo Park line is so perfect for scrapping some future pics of him too ;-)

I love this sketch and will definitely use it again, as I'd like to do a layout sticking a little closer to the sketch.  For this current layout though, I took some creative liberty with the sketch to make it work better for my multiple photos.

I also finally used the Dream Pop paper from CTMH's May promotion.  LOVE this paper!!!  The embossed cardstock is sooooo cool and I just love all the bright colours :-)

Well that's all for now!!  I can hear the wind really picking up outside and there have been power outages all day here so I should sign off quickly before I lose the whole post!

Happy Scrappin'!!


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Eniko said...

I really want a s'mores now~! Great post! Love what you did with my card design... I love summer, too. hugs! -E