Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Visuals for a Vision Board to Envision Your Visions!!

A few years ago my sister told me about the Vision Board she was making.  I siad, HUH??  What's is a Vision Board??!!  And, well she explained it but truth be told I sort of tuned it out and forgot about it.  She has since shown me two more of these Vision Boards that she has made and now I am paying attention!

So what is a Vision Board?  Well, you could Google it and get many different explanations and examples, even from Oprah herself!, or do like I did and search Pinterest - but summed up, it is a way to put your goals, dreams, desires in front of you each and every day to keep you focused on achieving them.

Whether you use a board, a book, a frame, or the front of your fridge, the idea is to cut out words and or pictures of your dreams, goals, wishes and desires and stick em down, typically in a collage like manner, but whatever works for you.

The idea is to have these images and words put in front of you each and every day so you stay focused on what you want, envision it, and make it happen!

I finally created one for myself, using a white foam board from Michael's and clippings from a variety of magazines and flyers.  The scrapbooker in me had to add some embellishments of course, so there is ribbon and flowers :-)
I organized mine into sections, like home, health, love, family, etc. and right smack in the middle is "It's a New Day".  This is my favourite part, because no matter what, I'm reminded each morning that I wake that it is a new day and anything can happen :-)  Oh, right, I put my vision board on my night stand next to my side of the bed!

I have not shown the whole board here, as some of my visions are private :-)  but these little snippits give you an idea.  I have also begun a Vision Journal to further my main goal of getting healthy.  In this I add clippings, thoughts, feelings, recipes, etc. that inspire me to keep reaching for this goal of reaching a healthy weight.  For you scrappers you'll know this - I am using a SMASH book for this journal :-)

I hope you enjoyed this post and find some inspiration to create your own Vision Board and reach your goals!!!  Remember - "Reach for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars!"
And if you do create one and post it on your own blog, please let me know here as I'd love to check it out!!



Eniko said...

A group of 5 girlfriends & I got together in my studio in January of 2012 & created vision boards for the upcoming year. We had a blast! This past January we did the same thing with personal altars, which are essentially 3-D versions of vision boards, with a slightly spiritual twist. Here's a link to the scrapbook page I created from the experience:


Thanks for sharing this! Wonderful post & your vision board is fabulous!

Andrea Green said...

I remember that, Eniko! What a great idea :-) I've really embraced the idea and will stick with it for sure!