Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Heaven's Newest Angel

Almost 13 years ago my husband and I brought home our first baby - a blonde bundle of fur so full of energy and love!  Our baby girl, Sydney.  When we went to check out the new litter of Yellow Labs, thinking we were "just looking", Sydney showed off by stealing a broom and dragging it all around the barn, playing keep away from her siblings.  She then bounded into my arms and licked my face and neck with so much energy I felt her teeth more than her tongue!  I had said I wanted a dog that kissed - I got one tenfold!!!  She picked us as much as we picked her and our lives were never the same again.  She filled our lives with so much love - and kisses! - everyday, curling up in Daddy's lap despite her 80lbs size; nudging her wet nose in our elbow or armpit to tell us when she needed something; sleeping under the babies crib when we brought them each home, and in their rooms equally each night, or in the hallway guarding us all.  
When she started to get sick a few years ago, we did anything we needed to to take care of her and keep her part of our family.  She was as stubborn as the rest of us and held on as long as she could and then some, knowing what a giant hole she'd leave in our hearts when she left.
This past August we celebrated her 13th birthday as we always do - lots of treats and a steak dinner :-)  We took her on two camping trips and a visit home to Vancouver this summer - did as many of the things she loved as we - and she - could.  Though we did not want to openly admit it, we knew it would be her last.
Sadly, with heavy hearts, we kissed our baby girl good-bye on Monday, Sept.23.  She has traded her butterfly wings for Angel wings and I know she is still watching over us <3 p="">

Rest in Peace my beautiful girl.  I hope you meet many of your friends up there and spend your days pain free, young and agile again running through big open fields and swimming in lakes diving for rocks!



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