Friday, January 10, 2014

Projects set to expire = Studio J binge!! 16 new Studio J layouts!

I have been plugging away creating layouts in Studio J - a great in front of the TV activity for me, ever the multi-tasker!  Well I had not paid attention to how long I had been doing this for and got an email the other day alerting me that most were set to expire if I did not make a purchase - oops!  Upside?  Studio J shopping spree and happy mail set to arrive next week!!!

So grab a comfy seat, this ones a long one - 16 Studio J layouts!  AND if you haven't discovered this amazing digital program yet, log onto and click on Studio J - create your FREE account and start playing!!  You only pay for what you want to purchase!

Another great thing about Studio J is that it has collections that have long since retired in paper form, so if there is a specific collection you loved - like this Grins N' Giggles I used for a kids show in the park - it's always available to you!!

This one I"m sure my family will be thrilled I am sharing!  Almost four years ago now, at Easter dinner, we all decided to take photos using my cousins new photo booth program - what a riot we had!!  Great laughs!  I had totally forgotten that I had these photos until recently and had such fun adding them to a layout!  
Want a good laugh?  That's me in the middle right under the word "photo" :-)  Finally got to see what I'd look like with a thinner nose!  Tee hee!

Lastly, I had heard of others using Studio J as a way of printing their photos -since you have the option to set them at any size and there is a "No Limits" pattern that you can select and just fill with photos.  I decided to give this a try with some misc. Christmas photos I'd found in a misplaced folder.  We'll see how they print out and maybe I'll be doing this some more!  Be a great way to get a bunch of 3x4 pics to get my Pocket Pages started with all the yummy Project Life style products available now :-)

Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy Scrappin'!



Val Thorpe said...

Bloody hell Andie you are on a roll... I love these I reprinted on pinterest too. You are a machine and my mojo just kicked me to the curb... I need the get scrapping again xx

Andrea Green said...

LOL!! Oh, Val, I have been working on these for months, just had to click "approve" to order them :-)Need my traditional mojo to kick in - waaayyyy behind on the LOAD challenge!

Marg Van Patten said...

Bravo! Sooo fun! Studio J while watching TV ... a girl after my own heart! Thanks for the inspiration.