Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween! Crazy Hair Week at Dance and Mom went Crazy!

Each year my daughter's dance studio does Crazy Hair Week instead of costumes for Halloween week.  In the past we have done some funky pony tails, or maybe every barrette in the drawer type styles, and my daughter has been happy with them - she's an easy to please kiddo!  This year, thanks to good ol' Pinterest, I decided to step up my game.  Now, keep in mind, she dances now 4 nights a week - and wanted a different crazy do for each of those nights!  Ok, challenge accepted!

So I started by showing her a few photos of ideas I had . . . she countered with an hour on her Ipad searching for ideas she liked.  We compromised and went with my ideas.  My Mommy powers of persuasion are strong - "this is what I have supplies for, this is what I can afford to buy." Lol.  Like I said, she is pretty easy to please and I did manage to fit in one of her selections :-)

Night One:  Both of us are excited for this and get started on the hair hours before dance is to begin;  all the daycare kids are gathered around to watch and see the final result.  Overall and epic success with this Spider Bun:

The original we saw on Pinterest used a pom pom for the spiders head, but we had only one tiny black one left in our stash, that was just not gonna cut it.  So after searching the house for an alternative, cuz we were doing this Spider Bun no matter what - Mom was way too set on it to change to something else, do not give up! I found an old netted headband that I balled up and hot glued, and viola!  This let us use bigger googly eyes too which I think really made the spider POP!  Lastly, my pretty girl needed a pretty spider, so a bow had to be added. :-)  The long pipe cleaner legs were awesome too, as they wiggled as she danced!

Night Two:  The excitement is still there, maybe more so since night one was such a success!  The daughter had found a birds nest in her crazy hair search and had wanted that, but Mom is not so good with the funky braids this required (those braids around the head are impossible, those who can do them I'm convinced must be witches!).  But I could not let her down . . . so a few dollar store supplies, a little determination and hot glue (yes, it did end up in her hair and clean up was not fun!) and a masterpiece was born!

A little bird in her nest, sitting on a few eggs (white pom poms;  here is where the hot glue got onto her hair!), and two blue butterflies, one in front, one in back to top of this Nature's Beauty-do!  
PS.  Hairspray worked great to keep the "nest" together and not make a mess on the dance floor. 

Night Three:  Ok, mid-week, Mom's tired, not so much excitement, but we powered through with the plan.  This one was a Dr.Suess inspired do for sure!  We separated her hair into 8 small sections then twisted them into tall buns.  Next I twisted a bunch of different colour pipe cleaners (note, the pipe cleaners had to match her dance outfit so colour selection was key here!), by simply winding them around my finger to make them look like little springs.  I attached each twist with sparkly bobby pins (my sensitive scalp girl just looooves this part!), and ta-da!  Didn't even need hairspray for this do!

My darling daughter slept with the buns still in, hoping they'd give her nice curly hair the next day . . . um, nope!  Just poofy frizz we had to quickly tame before school!  She has been blessed with straight, thick hair that is gorgeous but will not hold curl, unlike her Mom who was "blessed" with thick, curly hair she could not un-frizz properly till adulthood!  Always wanting what we can't have, lol.

Night Four (Final one):  Feeling a little rejuvenated knowing it's the last crazy do for the week - so why no offer to do her friends hair at the same time, right?!  Yup, the hair is not the only thing crazy in this house.
This style was the very first one we picked out, and started the whole ball rolling for my brilliant idea to step up my game this year #pinterestisevil.
Double lined cupcake liners (for sturdiness), hot pink hair spray, red pom poms hot glued to bobby pins, and GLITTER!!  We got the cupcakes all done and were just about ready to leave but I felt they just looked too blah . . .so GLITTER to the rescue!  What young girl (or old!) does not like a reason to add glitter to their hair, right?!  Was literally the icing on the cupcakes!

Big smiles from these two Cupcake Cuties as they headed off to Musical Theater class :-)  And Mom gave herself a big ol' pat on the back, followed quickly by a snide, now what the hell are you going to do next year?!!!

Me and my crazy girl I love to the moon and back <3 p="">

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