Monday, October 19, 2015

Still Alive! Finding My MoJo!

Hello Scrappers!  Oy, it's been over a year since I blogged last, guess I let things slip!  Well life after the last move got crazy real fast - crazy good though, yay!  As I unpacked boxes, the kids started school and I started a before and after school dayhome.  I was still working for the scrap store but it was getting harder and harder to find the time to schedule it all in with new house, new dog (did I mention we now have 2 labs?!), dance, hockey, school, family, etc. etc.  so unfortunately by early 2015 I had to bid farewell to the scrap store :-(  
Well, by now the dayhome was doing really well and word of mouth had me full in no time, yay!  I am loving my new "job" - how do you really call it that when you love kids and get to play with them all day long?!
Only downside is that I lost my scrappy Mojo for a few months and I'm just getting back into it again, yay!  Missed my sanity saving hobby ;-)
So hopefully I'll be back here more and more, sharing whatever scrappy creations I can squeeze into what is a full, beautiful and busy life!
But I can't leave you without any photos . . . so first, here are my two furry girls, Roxy and Riley!  Roxy we got as a puppy in Nov.2013 and is a real spitfire who keeps us on our toes always.  Riley is her new big sister, one year older, who we got Dec.2014 just before Christmas as a great surprise for the kids!  Riley is a lover - we call her Big Mama because she is a breeding dog and had her first litter in June 2015 - NINE beautiful, yellow lab puppies!  As you can see, the girls get along famously, and if they are not laying next to each other, they are laying on top of each other, LOL!  Here is Roxy on top of Riley.  Can't tell by this photo, but Roxy is Fox Red in colour and Riley is yellow.

Ok, well now I HAVE to show you a puppy picture!  Ready?  A collective "AWWWWEEE!!!!" goes here:

Now, enough about the pups . . . a little bragging for my creative soul now, lol!  Last fall I participated in a sketch contest put on by Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine at a crop hosted by Scrap Addicts.  Many beautiful layouts were created by talented ladies and a handful of layouts were chosen by Canadian Scrapbooker to be published in the Spring 2015 issue.  I was honoured to have been one of them :-)

Here is the layout, with misc. Bella Blvd product and AC Thickers:

Thanks for sticking around, and I hope to be back here more often!

Happy Scrappin'!



Val Thorpe said...

Well now I don't feel quite so bad. I have not scrapped for six months. OMG life has a way of screwing with your plans. So glad that you are settling into the groove and how cute are those pups. Love that layout and I am trying to find my mojo and get going. Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the pics I have to scrap.

Andie said...

I hear you, Val! Too many photos, so little time, lol. I'm finding pocket pages to be helping a lot in "catching up", but I know I'll just never be totally caught up - so just go back to enjoying the process - cuz we miss your incredible talent!!!