Monday, December 21, 2015

First 10 Days of Elf on The Shelf 2014 - A New Arrival!

Well, last year my kids got their wish - for another elf to join in the adventures of Dazzle!  So Razzle, the girl elf, joined in the Elf Mischief this Christmas season.
Their arrival was hilarious!  Hot air ballooning into the living room - the kids underwear as their baskets! LOL!

Arrival Day:

Day Two:  Do you want to build a snowman?!

Day Three:  Attack of the Washi Tape!

Day Four: Toilet paper roll races down the stairs! 

Day Five:  A little swinging fun!

Day Six:  Razzle and Dazzle would like Christmas baking to begin!

Day Seven:  Fishing!

Day Eight:  Sugar rush!  Found the candy and syrup in the pantry!

Day Nine:  Decorated the entry mirror with mini bows.

Day Ten:  Didn't move, left a note and contract for the kids to sign - sometimes these elves are a great help to Mom and Dad!

So did the kids stop fighting?  Did the elves move again?  Stay tuned for the final 10 days of Elf mischief 2014!

Merry Christmas!


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