Monday, January 25, 2016

Scrapbook Countdown!

Oh, how I wish! LOL!  I have all my scrapbook stuff out and strewn around the kitchen, but no time to actually scrapbook!  Thank goodness I am headed to my favourite class this weekend - UYOP by Scrapbooking Adventures - click HERE to see what it's all about, I highly recommend it if you're ever close enough to take it!
Hopefully after this weekend I'll actually have some layouts to share here!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! And Adventures of Razzle and Dazzle - Elf on The Shelf 2014 final days

January 4th, 2016 already!  For the next 2 months we'll all be writing 2015 and then trying to make the 5 look like a 6 so we don't have to scratch it out, LOL!
Thank you for visiting my little piece of the internet and I wish you and yours all the very best in 2016!

Although I took off on holidays and forgot to finish my Elf on The Shelf posts, I figure it's not too late to do so since my Pinterest feed is still full of them!
So to wrap up Razzle and Dazzle's visit in 2014, here are their last days antics:

Day Eleven:  TPing the Christmas Tree!

Day Twelve:  They welcomed our new yellow lab, Riley with some treats!

Day Thirteen:  Uh-oh!  They busted into the kids Lego advent calendar's!

Day Fourteen:  Hide and Seek - or trapped, not sure?!!

Day Fifteen:  Decorated the plant!

Day Sixteen:  Decided to try the dogs cookies - didn't go over well!

Day Seventeen:  Hugging the kids ornaments :-)

Day Eighteen:  Wrapped up and left gifts under the tree for the kids, including the two daycare kids!

They got a box of large perler beads to build an elf!

Day Nineteen:  3 more sleeps till Christmas!

Day Twenty:  Zip line from plant to Christmas tree using candy canes!  They are lucky the dogs didn't catch them this time!

Day Twenty-One:  Scrabble Junior with friends!

Day Twenty-Two, departure day(Christmas Eve):  They left in a flurry!

And that was it for 2014's visit from those mischief making elves!  My kids just love them and my family looks forward to their daily text messages showing what the elves got up to each night.  They have become a wonderful tradition for our family and truly kept the magic alive!  I look forward to sharing Razzle and Dazzle's 2015 adventures with you - next holiday season!